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Gain Control Of Your Money, Pay Off Your Home Fast, Enjoy Life. 

Most Australian’s are completely chained to their mortgage, paying far too much interest to the bank, and paying far too much tax to the tax man. If you’re tired of monthly mortgage payments, interested in getting more of your tax dollars back and gaining complete control of YOUR money, join the next intake of Loan Reducer Program now.

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Meet Rick

Leading Money Expert. Loan Reducer Program Founder

Over the last 15 years, Rick Nieuwenhoven has helped hundreds of Australians with slashing their mortgage and investing in property.

Rick is a key industry figure, on the board of directors for the FBAA, holds numerous financial qualifications, 10 years experience lecturing tertiary students in Adelaide, worked for international accounting firm KPMG, and is the founder of accounting and finance firm, Nieuvision.

Many of Rick’s program alumni have continued to seek out his advice and have successfully followed his strategies to slash years of their home loan, some paying of their homes in as little as 15 years.

Rick has refined his methodology into “tried and tested” strategies that you can implement right away to pay off your home loan fast and dramatically improve your finances.

Be warned, there are no tricks to Rick’s advice and no short-cuts either. Rick’s Loan Reducer Program is specifically designed for those who are determined to use their home equity to get ahead. Even if you don’t know where to start, that’s okay…

How does the Loan Reducer Program work?

1. Exclusive off market 1.25% interest rate

What’s your current mortgage interest rate? Over 3%, maybe over 4%? Our Loan Reducer Program has a 1.25% interest rate (1.61% comparison rate). This is an off-market deal, meaning it’s not mass marketed or available with any of the big banks or popular online lenders.

2. Tax minimisation strategist

With Rick’s accounting background, a core of the Loan Reducer Program is a module on tax minimisation. It’s not uncommon for program Alumni to be paying $5000 less in tax each year. That money is then redirected into paying down your home loan to accelerate equity production.

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3. Live net wealth tracking software

Keep your finger on the pulse with real time net worth tracking. Calculating your net worth is easy. You simply add up all of assets and all of your debts and subtract your debts from your assets. It’s important to remember, however, that your net worth changes all the time. Your net worth is like a snapshot of your finances at a given point in time. Rick’s software helps you visualise in real-time.

4. Modern and up-to-date financial partners

Do you ever feel that you should have more money in your account than you currently do? The difference between the wealthy and those struggling to save is coaching, accountability and the right advice. The Loan Reducer Program includes accountability check-ins with Rick and his specialist staff, who are on the cutting edge of financial trends. Everything is aimed at helping you pay off your home and live life on your own terms!

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5. A 9 year rent guarantee on investment properties*

Investment property owners that purchase recommended properties through our program get access to an exclusive 9 year rent guarantee*. In uncertain times, sit back and relax knowing that the rent will be paid week after week, month after month.

This is your opportunity to change, bring forward retirement and independent living.

If you are worried about where you’re at financially, the good news is that it’s not too late, but rest assured all of our time is ticking and if we don’t act now and wait two or three years there may be not enough time to implement the strategies you need.

Meet Some Of Rick's Loan Reducer Program Alumni


First Time Investor

We’re working with Paul, 51 and family income $130,000. $500,000 in super. Paul was worried he wasn’t going to have enough to retire to his expectations. Looking at his figures and compiling a budget, we have worked a solution to save him $97,000 in tax over the next 10 years, Furthermore, he will increase his super by $500,000. Working with us he will be $600,000 better off over the 10 year period than he was prior.

Eddie & May

First Time Investors

Eddie and May pictured to the right on handover day of their investment property in Mt Barker. Their decision to invest in Adelaide property was a sound decision with their property rented out to fantastic tenants on the first open inspection! Quality tenants, strong rent in a growing area are contributing to Eddie & May’s net worth growth.

Property investing in Adelaide tips


First Time Investor

Jammaya has been using investment property tax deductions to significantly reduce her tax. Because she gets such a large tax return, Jammaya is able to pay thousands off her mortgage each year. Now, combined with the 1.25% home loan deal, Jammaya has reduced the length of her mortgage by a whopping 22 years!


First Time Investors

Leoni completing her purchase agreements for her first rental property. Lenoni secured a fantastic interest rate and her new property is optimised for maximum tax deductions, meaning Leoni can funnel thousands into paying down her mortgage per year.

Sandrine and Eduardo

First Time Investor

Sandrine and Eduardo purchased an investment property in 2018. They’re now going through the process of accessing the special 1.25% interest rate on their owner occupier home loan! The savings each month will reduce their home loan term by more than 8 years!

Ready to become the next Loan Reducer Program success story?

Grab your complimentary Strategy Session with Rick today. The first session with you is complimentary, the good news for most people it’s not too late and a few tweaks to what you are doing will be hundreds of thousands of dollars difference to your retirement bottom line. I only ask one thing from you, which is that you are coachable. If that’s you, register for a free Strategy Session today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Property Management arm of our business strives to rent properties out well ahead of the industry average. In fact, we have a 98% 5 star rating for our property management services. We’re so sure that we’ll be able to attract a high quality tenant for your Adelaide investment property that we guarantee it. If for whatever reason your property is vacant for more than 3 weeks, we’ll pay you a 4% yield on your property until we find a tenant. That’s how sure we are of our ability to find quality tenants.

Yes it is real and the reason you haven’t heard of it to this point is that very few brokers have access to the specialised loan. None of the big banks have it. The Taxation Office has even provided a Product Ruling which approves the home loan structure. It’s an incredible deal!

We service customers all over Australia via our online platform, but we have an office in Modbury. It’s not essential, but you’re more than welcome to come in and see us, or we can come to you! Alternatively, we also offer consultations via Zoom, which is a handy way to communicate in the current environment.

We connect you with lenders and builders across Australia. Finance and investing is very case-specific so we match you with the right fit for your scenario.

Our philosophy is that new properties offer better tax advantages but every situation is different. The bottom line is, to qualify for this Program, you’ll need an investment property and we’ll help you work out how to get in a position to buy one (if you’re unable to right now) and help identify the best property option is you are in a position to buy now.

Our philosophy is that new properties offer better tax advantages but every situation is different. The bottom line is, to qualify for this special deal, you’ll need an investment property and we’ll help you work out the best option.

* 1.25% interest rate is only available to new loans or increases to existing loans when the minimum new borrowing amount is $150,000 and the LVR does not exceed 80% on eligible owner occupied home loan products. It’s also only available for the owner-occupied loan and to get it, you also need an investor loan where the total owner occupied debt does not exceed 35% of your total debt (owner occupier loan and investor loan/s combined). No package or other discounts will apply to the advertised rate. Split loans, land rent loans, interest only loans, loans requiring multiple security and building loans are not eligible. Offer available for a limited time only and may be withdrawn or altered at any time, available for qualifying loans applied for from 23/03/2020. Terms, conditions, fees, charges and normal lending criteria apply.


The comparison rate is calculated on a $150,000 loan with monthly repayments over a term of 25 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different (higher) comparison rate. Interest rates are subject to change without notice.


Valuation fees, discharge fees and other fees (such as government charges) may apply.


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