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Gain Wealth, Pay Off Your Home Early, Retire Sooner. 

Australian’s year after year are leaving money on the table, handing it back to big banks who laugh at them and the Government who mismanages your money, now is the time to stop this.

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Rick Nieuwenhoven

Leading Property Investment Authority

Welcome, I’m Rick Nieuwenhoven and I believe it’s time for every Australian to change how we manage our money and have it working for us better. For starters why have a home loan under 3%, when I can source you funds less that 1.5%, who knows even lower.


Why give a single penny we don’t have to, to those evil banks with their bulging pockets at the expense of Australian home loan payers.


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Part of the problem is even with a great rate we still lack structure to know what to do, it’s okay, we have customized software to help you manage your financial resources and maximize your retirement dream. What if I could tell you under my program, you could halve the home loan term, allowing you to retire sooner than ever.


Then there is tax, the Government wastes taxes year after year on failed and over priced budgets, who remembers the pink bat scandal or the yearly topic of politicians spending tax payer money of Overseas trips and cars, let alone employing family to keep our money in their family.


Well we want to change that, we know a cheeky loophole that the Government doesn’t want you to know about, help you decrease your tax in every pay cycle. Let’s keep those bastards honest.

Property investing in Adelaide tips

In our program you learn from the best. You will learn how to:

  • Minimise tax
  • Have more of your wage for you
  • Access ridiculously low off market interest rates
  • Secure VIP investment properties no other can find
  • Halve the time if not more of your mortgage

How to qualify:

We could say places are limited but we won’t. What will say is not all of you will qualify. We are very selective with who we work with, we don’t’ take everybody. What will you need to be selected.


  • Be coachable
  • You need to be courageous
  • Willing to change & have a desire to grow your wealth

If you meet those conditions we may be able to assist you.

Sandrine invested in Adelaide property

Meet Some Of Rick's Program Alumni

Property investing in Adelaide tips


First Time Investor

Jammaya has been using investment property tax deductions to significantly reduce her tax. Because she gets such a large tax return, Jammaya is able to pay significant amounts of money off her mortgage each year. Now, combined with the 1.5% home loan deal, she has reduced the length of her mortgage by a whopping 22 years!

Eddie & May

First Time Investors

Eddie and May pictured to the right on handover day of their investment property in Mt Barker. Their decision to be investing in Adelaide property was a sound decision with their property rented out to fantastic tenants on the first open inspection!

Sandrine and Eduardo

First Time Investor

Sandrine and Eduardo purchased an investment property in Queensland. They’re taking advantage of our HiLo investor loan product which enables clients to get a 1.5% interest rate on their owner occupier home loan! Many clients are saving thousands per year with this amazing investor-only deal!


First Time Investors

Leoni completing her purchase agreements for her first rental property. Lenoni secured a fantastic interest rate and her new property is optimised for maximum tax deductions.

How does the program work?

1. Exclusive reduced home loans with potential .1% interest on your home loan

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2. Tax reduction strategies to reduce your tax weekly

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3. • Specialised software that keeps you on top of your financial goals and position

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4. Accountability partners around budgeting and money management

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5. The lifestyle plan.

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So what's the catch?

Yes it is real and the reason you haven’t heard of it to this point is that very few brokers have access to the specialised loan. None of the big banks have it. The Taxation Office has even provided a Product Ruling which approves the Home Loan structure. It’s an incredible deal!

We service customers all over Australia via our online platform, but we have an office in Adelaide. It’s not essential, but you’re more than welcome to come in and see us!

We connect you with lenders and builders across Australia. Finance and investing is very case-specific so we match you with the right fit for your scenario.

You’ll need to have a home loan for the property you live in and either an existing investment property loan or an ability to purchase an investment property. Each situation is unique though, have a chat to one of the Team and we’ll help you work out if you qualify!

Yes! You don’t need an existing investment property to get started with the process. We’ll help you every step of the way to give you the best chance at qualifying for the 1.5% loan.

Our philosophy is that new properties offer better tax advantages but every situation is different. The bottom line is, to qualify for this special deal, you’ll need an investment property and we’ll help you work out the best option.

This is your opportunity to change, bring forward retirement and independent living.

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Are you on board? We knew you would be.

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