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About Property Investment Adelaide

We help hard-working South Australians to pay off their homes faster and build wealth through strategic property investing since 2004.


Our approach is seamless and systemised. best of all, it’s easy to follow and we pride ourselves on making the process enjoyable as possible – property investing doesn’t need to be all about crunching numbers. We love what we do!


Or investment system is “plug and play”. We guide you through an initial free consultation, right the way through to the purchase of your investment property and then finding A+ tenants to ensure your property is well looked after. You barely need to lift a finger.


Buying an investment property is stress-free when you have an experienced team working with you!

What Problems Does Property Investment Adelaide Solve?

Property Investment Adelaide are experts in helping Adelaide homeowners, many on moderate incomes to achieve the following:

  • Leverage 100% legal tax rules to drastically reduce, or even eliminate income tax
  • Take advantage of an exclusive 1.25% low rate home loan that big banks do not offer.
  • Use the combination of the tax savings and home loan interest savings to rapidly reduce your mortgage, and pay it off in as little as 7 years, without paying any extra than you are now.
  • Build up a property portfolio over time that provides you with steady rental income and equity for retirement (so you're not reliant on the pension)

Please note that Property Investment Adelaide is not a licensed Financial Adviser and independent Financial Advice should be obtained in order to determine if an investment property is suitable for your personal circumstances.

Please consider seeking independent taxation, financial, or other advice to check how this relates to your unique situation.

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