About Property Investment Adelaide

What Makes Us Tick? You and your portfolio.

The team at Property Investing Adelaide are dedicated to helping you grow a profitable property portfolio. We are active property investors ourselves with combined experience of decades in running, growing and financing property transactions right here in Adelaide. We understand the Adelaide market like no other, allowing us the ability to help our clients succeed.

Property Investment Adelaide was founded by Nieuvision Finance Pty Ltd as a specific department of Nieuvision Australia dedicated to helping Adelaide property investors thrive. Adelaide property investing is in our blood and we want to help you start, grow and manage a profitable property portfolio.

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Meet The Team

Rick Nieuwenhoven


Rick is a key industry figure, holds numerous financial qualifications, worked for international accounting firm KPMG, and is the founder of accounting firm, Nieuvision.

Jimmy Clark

Investor Specialist

Jimmy is our resident investor specialist and his role is to help our clients to pay down their home loan quicker and experience the benefits of investing in property.

Karyn Reddick

Home Loan Specialist

Karyn helps our investor clients to get the best possible loan and is Head of Customer Care. Rather than dealing with big bank call centres, you’ll deal directly with the ever-helpful Karyn!

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39/422 Pulteney St, Adelaide SA 5000

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