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We Help Adelaide Residents To Invest In Property​

We help both Adelaide residents and interstate buyers to invest in the trending Adelaide property market. All the current indicators are pointing towards a period of potential growth for the Adelaide market. Our goal is to help you find the perfect investment property to maximise all the benefits you get as a property investor – capital growth, rental returns and tax benefits.

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Property investing in Adelaide tips

First Time Investor

Jammaya purchased her first investment property, which was completed in early 2019. Jammaya has been using investment property to significantly reduce her tax and is currently going through the process of purchasing her second investment property.

Eddie & May

First Time Investors

Eddie and May pictured to the right on handover day of their investment property in Mt Barker. Their decision to be investing in Adelaide property was a sound decision with their property rented out to fantastic tenants on the first open inspection!

Sandrine and Eduardo

Repeat Investors

Sandrine and Eduardo purchased an investment property in Queensland. They’re taking advantage of our HiLo investor loan product which enables clients to get a 1.5% interest rate on their owner occupier home loan! Many clients are saving thousands per year with this amazing investor-only deal!


First Time Investor

Leoni completing her purchase agreements for her first rental property. Lenoni secured a fantastic interest rate and her new property is optimised for maximum tax deductions.
Rick Nieuwenhoven: The Leading Adelaide Property Investment Authority

Over the last 13 years, Rick Nieuwenhoven has helped hundreds of South Australians to invest in property.

Rick is a key industry figure, on the board of directors for the FBAA, holds numerous financial qualifications, 10 years experience lecturing tertiary students in Adelaide, worked for international accounting firm KPMG, and is the founder of accounting and finance firm, Nieuvision. Many of Rick’s clients have continued to seek out his advice and have successfully followed his strategies to slash years of their home loan, some paying of their homes in as little as 15 years. He has refined his methodology into “tried and tested” strategies that you can implement. You can utlilize Rick’s innovative Adelaide investment firm to learn all his strategies without paying a cent to Rick!

Be warned, there are no tricks to Rick’s advice and no short-cuts either. Rick’s strategies are for those who are determined to use their home equity to get ahead. Even if you don’t know where to start, that’s okay!

Adelaide Property Market Update

Adelaide House Prices

Year June 2015 June 2016 June 2017 June 2018 June 2019
Median House Price Adelaide

As a general trend, average Adelaide house prices have increased steadily over the past decade. In the past 5 years, median prices for houses in Adelaide have risen by 2.25% on average per year.

Adelaide House Price Trends

Image and data source:

Property price increase last 10 years – $111,900 (31%, 3.1% per year on average)

Property price increase last 5 years – $111,900 (14.6%, 2.9% per year on average)

Property price increase last 3 years – $33,000 (7.4%, 2.5% per year on average)


Adelaide Unit Prices

Year June 2015 June 2016 June 2017 June 2018 June 2019
Adelaide Median Unit Price

As a general trend, unit prices in Adelaide have shown a lower growth rate than houses. Prices have still trended up overall, however median prices have only risen by around 1.08% In the past 5 years per year.

Adelaide Property Market Forecast 2020

The Adelaide property market is widely tipped for growth throughout 2020 and 2021. Many market analysts have tipped price growth in the range of 2% to 4%.


What are the best suburbs in Adelaide to buy?

selection of the best suburbs in Adelaide to invest include in and around the suburb of Marion, some inner South and South Eastern suburbs such as Daw Park and Colonel Light Gardens, and the usual best beach suburbs in the West, from Christies Beach through to Largs North. In the nner West, properties in and around Woodville also look to have some solid indicators.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you need to invest in property?

Firstly it will depend on the purchase price of you potential property purchase. The more expensive the property the more you will need to contribute.


When investing in South Australia, if we were using cash to do the purchase on a $400,000 property, we would need a deposit of $40,000 plus the cost of mortgage insurance (LMI), which is tax deductible. In addition, you should budget for approximately 4% to 5% of the purchase price to cover additional costs such as stamp duty, solicitor fees and mortgage transfer. This can vary on whether it’s a new build or established house.

Is Adelaide a good place to invest in property?

Adelaide is widely being heralded as a good place to invest in property. The City has significant infrastructure projects underway and slated for the future, along with a number of job creation initiatives being rolled out. Typically a city with moderate capital growth, Adelaide is widely tipped for upcoming property price increases, according to this ABC article and a recent report and this is why investing in rental properties in Adelaide is being strongly pushed by interstate property investment groups.

What is the average rent in Adelaide?

Compared to most Australian capital cities, Adelaide has quite an affordable average rent price for houses. The average price for rent in the Adelaide CBD is $463 per week. In suburban areas, as a guide to rental prices, houses in Marion rent for $420 per week on average, $375 in Mount Barker, $320 in Morphett Vale and $310 in Salisbury.

How much does a house cost in Adelaide?

Adelaide property prices for both houses and units have been steadily increasing for much of the last decade.

As of June 2018, the median property price for a house in metropolitan Adelaide was $478,500 and the median price for a unit stands at $269,500 according to the Department of Treasury and Finance.

What are the best suburbs to live in Adelaide?

Adelaide is home to some absolutely fantastic suburbs. The areas often referred to as Adelaide’s most livable include beach side locations such as Brighton, Henley Beach, Glenelg, Seacliff and Semaphore. Inner suburbs in close proximity to the CBD that are highly rated include Unley, Black Forrest, North Adelaide, Kensington and Stonyfell.

Is Adelaide growing?

Yes, in the last 20 years, annual population growth has ranged between 0.18% to 1.13% and is predicted to continue this rapid rate of growth. Adelaide has the lowest population growth rate of any Australian capital city, however it is still considered a rapid rate of population growth for a city in a developed nation.

The bulk of Adelaide’s growth in the last two decades has been in Northern areas such as Gawler, Golden Grove and Mawson Lakes, Southern suburbs, mainly Seaford and Adelaide Hills suburb, Mount Barker.

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